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PMNIDAT visited C-FREE-CSEA Phasi Charoen

On September 19, 2023, representatives of The Princess Mother National Institute on Drug Abuse Treatment (PMNIDAT) visited C-FREE-CSEA study Drop-in-Centers Phasi Charoen run by our partner APASS, to observe the implementation of the model of care project. Dr. Akaphot Thongmee, a Research Physician, Benjamas Intharabut, Senior Study Coordinator, and the APASS team welcomed.

The Princess Mother National Institute on Drug Abuse Treatment (PMNIDAT) has an initiative to provide One-Stop-Service testing and treatment for Hepatitis B and C. So they visited the C-FREE-CSEA study, the community-based model of care for the diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis C in high-risk groups, in collaboration with local community-based organizations that provide harm-reduction services.

APASS (Association To Promote Access To Health And Social Support), CFREECSEA study partner, is a non-profit organization that aims to create opportunities and reduce inequality among vulnerable groups such as drug users, migrants, and LGBT. APASS is working to reduce the number of people affected and the harm-reduction substance abuse.

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