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C-FREE-CSEA Pattani province activated

Updated: Apr 9

On March 18, 2024, there was a site initiation meeting on the cooperation network in the C-FREE-CSEA at Pattani Hospital to start a new round of research projects.

The C-FREE team, Dreamlopments Foundation, in collaboration with Pattani Hospital and Association to Promote to Health and Social Support (APASS) Pattani organized the activation of the C-FREE-CSEA study.

C-FREE-CSEA is the continuation of C-FREE, which will use Sofosbuvir/Ravidasvir for the treatment of hepatitis C. HIV testing, Hepatitis B, sexually transmitted diseases, and LTBI testing are also available for most of the at-risk population. The C-FREE-CSEA study has 13 community health service centers in 10 provinces, including Pattani Province, run by our partner, local community-based organizations providing harm-reduction services for key populations.​

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