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Dreamlopments and partners in Mae Ramat are ready for C-FREE-CSEA

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

On April 20, 2023, there was a site initiation meeting on the cooperation network in the C-FREE-CSEA at Give Hope Group Drop-in-Centers Mae Ramat, Tak Province. There were 39 participants from various organizations, including World Vision Foundation of Thailand, IRC (International Rescue Committee), Tak Provincial Public Health Office, SMRU (Shoklo Malaria Research Unit), Mae Ramat Hospital, Give Hope Group, and Dreamlopments representatives. C-FREE-CSEA study launched its first patient enrollment on this day.

The main goal of this meeting was to prepare for the start of a new round of C-FREE-CSEA research projects, such as reviewing research protocol, principles of Good Clinical Practice (GCP), research ethics, a process for obtaining informed consent for patients, research product management and laboratory management, etc.

C-FREE-CSEA is the continuation of C-FREE, which will use Sofosbuvir/Ravidasvir for the treatment of hepatitis C. HIV testing, Hepatitis B, sexually transmitted disease, and LTBI testing also available for most of the at-risk population. C-FREE-CSEA receives good support from Mae Ramat Hospital, led by Dr. Suta Pattarakijroongroueng, director of Mae Ramat Hospital who is also the principal investigator (PI) of the study site. The Give Hope Group, Local community-based organization that provides harm reduction services in the area, is another important partner.

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