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Our Team



Nicolas Durier

General Director
& Principal Investigator

Nicolas is a medical doctor who has worked in humanitarian aid and clinical research programs in Asia and Africa since 2001. He is the Founder and General Director of Dreamlopments


Tanyaporn Wansom

Director of Research

and Advocacy

Tanyaporn is an infectious disease physician. She has a decade of experience conducting research and providing clinical care for people living with HIV and/or viral hepatitis in both the US and Thailand.

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Akaphot Thongmee

Research Physician
C-FREE Study

Akaphot is a research physician with a background in translational medicine, early phase experimental medicine and previously had vast experience in Research & Development from various pharmaceutical organizations

Benjamas Intharabut_Study Coordinator.jpg

Benjamas Intharabut

Study Coordinator

C-FREE Study

Benjamas is the Study Coordinator of the
C-FREE study. She has over
10 years experience in program management and clinical research, including in large Malaria and HIV/AIDS clinical trials.


Usa Panichpathompong

Assistant Study Coordinator

Usa is the assistant Study Coordinator of C-Free Study. She was a nurse and she has worked for clinical monitor over 10 years. Experiences include medicines and vaccines clinical trials.


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